Friday, September 25, 2015

You Only Live Once - I Think

Last year I couldn't make a decision that would stick in my head for longer than a day. I would decide to do something with my life, plan it and then promptly change my mind. When 2015 showed it's little head I thought it would all come into focus but NO!
laon france
It took until the end of August this year for me to suddenly, one day in France when talking to my daughter who lives there, say 'I need to buy a house here'. I shocked myself when I said it. When I woke the next morning my mind didn't do that usual leap into doubt. Charlotte and I got the kids ready and drove to Laon a beautiful medieval hilltop town in Picardie which I fell in love with when we visited for the first time last Christmas. We called into a couple of Estate Agents and told them my requirements or rather Charlotte did because I don't speak French.

dont rush
The following week we were taken to see 3 properties. I fell in love with the 3rd one and for the first time in my life I didn't rush in headlong. I just thought I shall go home and get my cottage ready to sell and hopefully this house will still be on the market when I am ready, if not then so be it I shall look for another one.
cottage northumberland
 At this moment in time I am enjoying preparing the cottage, every minute of it. There's nothing major to do just little repairs and adjustments to show it in it's best possible light. It's a beautiful place to live but it was mine and Harvey's my house in France will just be mine.
So it's time to start that new chapter in my life that was proving elusive until that day in August when my mind stopped changing. If you ever find yourself in that state of flux then just go with the flow.

The Dictionary entry for State of Flux is:
state of flux - a state of uncertainty about what should be done (usually following some important event) preceding the establishment of a new direction of action; "the flux following the death of the emperor"

Well my Emperor died and I was thrown headlong into a State of Flux but it didn't last thank goodness.


Deb Bird said...

Goodness, Di. You've inspired me for many years through your online presence, but even more so during the past year. Two of my life mantras in this post. So excited for your new adventures. Bon chance!

Di Overton said...

Thanks Deb it's lovely to hear comments like this. It removes any doubts that might occur. xx

Susan said...

Hello Di,
this is news! I am glad I stopped by to say hi and good luck!
Looking forward to read more about it.