Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Embarking On My New Life - Are You Coming With Me?

Well my last post was posted way back in May when I was in France. Since then I have returned there again and in the 2nd week of my visit I was suddenly hit with the realisation that I wanted to buy a house there and was ready to do so.

Since Harvey's death I have lived through 4 seasons and am now approaching my 2nd Autumn without him. Nothing has changed since my return last month and I know I want to spend Spring and Autumn in France and Summer and Winter in the UK.

I love where I live and the people in my community so this will be my base when I am in the UK.
laon france
My base in France will be in or near a beautiful medieval hilltop town in Picardie called Laon which is not too far from my daughter Charlotte and her family.

french stone house
I found the perfect house when I was in France but

cottage in northumberland
I have to get my cottage ready to sell and put it on the market. If the house I found in France is sold in that time then so be it, there are plenty other houses to be had. This is a huge step and I do not want to rush it. Making this huge change on my own is both frightening and exhilarating all at the same time.

My business Ghost Furniture will move with me whenever and wherever I go.
Starting next week I will be covering the re-vamp of the terrace outside my cottage and showing you some of the gems I have discovered in Picardie.

So are you up for this? Are you game for following me on my journey? I can assure you it won't be dull.


Kathy Dalwood said...

What a great idea Di - I salute you! Laon is lovely, what a great town to have near you. What fun to do up a French house! looking forward to following your adventures! Kathy x

Barbara said...

Wishing you all the luck in the world, Di. I'm definitely up for following your adventures. Sad to sell the cottage; but you're doing the right thing - giving it a go. Barbara

Jacqueline said...

Dear Di, I AM up for this and I AM game because it is always good to be updated on your news and to see you again (electronically!). A bientot :) xx