Monday, April 27, 2015

Decorator's Notebook - Empowering Artisans

Cyanotype candle holder
I came across this website on Twitter. I am not usually drawn to the Ethnic look, I suppose because I had my first home in the 1970s and it reminds me of the hippy era, oh yes I took part in that.
Lambswool Woven Cushion and Blanket Picos
However Decorator's Notebook and it's products have no resemblance to that era I am glad to say.
Leather kindling bucket
They ensure each purchase you make brings talented artisans in the developing world closer to a financially stable future. They particularly support women, people with disabilities and ethnically marginalised groups. Your purchase helps to elevate their position in society and gives them the resources, skills and confidence to challenge discrimination and take on new roles in their households and communities.
Indigo water drop blue white ceramic serving bowl
It is all so effortlessly stylish. I am very tempted to buy that Leather Kindling Bucket, beats the old wine box I store mine in.
Indian etched metal dish

Green African woven baskets Kenya

Shibori dyed indigo cushions pinstripes

projects around the world
A huge plus is they dont just source their products from the third world but also from the UK. I sometimes think we tend to forget that there are people struggling here at home.

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