Friday, April 24, 2015

Making It Mine

french copper pans
 About a month ago I decided I need to make this ancient cottage of mine into MY home not OUR home. 

I have kept only the items Harvey owned that meant a lot to both of us. Some are being passed on to the children but I had no intention of throwing memories away. 

We did have similar taste but that masculine side of the lounge that was his is not my style. Not that I wanted totally feminine but I did want more light. 
cottage with corinthian pillars
The corner he used to work in has now been opened up and an old Corinthian pillar (one of a pair) has been added. It's all a lot more feminine than masculine. 
pink leather stool
I have dyed and waxed the leather on the banquette and thrown a Gotland Sheepskin over one end. I don't think he would have been keen on the pink. 
cottage fireplace
I couldn't bring myself to take down the D and the H from the mantle but I did give them a new look. 
pigskin chairs
I have re-painted the glass cabinet in the dining area and placed our pigskin chairs in the windows. 

All in all I am happy with what I've done up to now. It's all part of the process of moving on. I don't think it's healthy to live in a shrine I'll keep that in my head.

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paris parfait said...

It is looking fabulous, with your own inimitable style. xx