Friday, August 29, 2014

Preparing For The Journey

It's been over a month now since I lost Harvey, my partner of 30 years. We lived, worked  and semi-retired together for that whole time. My life has changed dramatically. Little things take me by surprise like having no one to point out the lovely colours in the Valley outside our window to, no one to tell that the sun has just come out and eating alone is a lonely business.
Despite all these little things I have had to move forward with the big things like purchasing a new car before the other one fell apart. Deciding what I do with Ghost Furniture and this blog and the very hard task of sorting out all his belongings, of which there are lots.
I will do this and I will do it in my own time because that makes me feel comfortable. I do have plans but am not ready to put them in place at the moment.
I have an amazing family, amazing friends and live amongst an amazing community. I also have been moved by the lovely emails and private messages I have received via the internet.
This blog will continue and I will still find inspirational and interesting things to share with you all but I need a bit more time. The world is still a beautiful place and my mantra - look up - has not changed it's just that I'm still looking down some of the time.

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Hugh- New Zealand said...

great to see you longing forward...we have all missed you so much

stay strong, have faith and take the love and support that embarrasses you at this tender time.

"Kia Kaha" (new zealand Moari meaning to Be Strong)