Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Fabulous Mystery

swedish interior
I have no idea who this house belongs to or exactly where it is but it is obviously the home of someone with a huge imagination. Found at Mixr in Sweden which is actually a great website.
The reason I have no info is that the language may as well be Serbo Croat. I know not a word of Swedish.
swedish interior
swedish interior
swedish interior
swedish interior
swedish interior


vicki archer said...

Brilliant imagination....this home is gorgeous Di, xv.

richspen said...

Argentines Federico Bonomi and Cynthia Kern purchased the original farm house from the 1800s in Uruguay to turn it into a hotel.

Using Firefox browser there is a free translation of this article.

Anonymous said...

What a surpise !! This is our house . We live in Argentina and spent all our wekends in our Uruguayan house , That house when we bought it in 1999 was totaly abandon and we rebuold it . We grow olive trees and wineyards as well as a hobby , we are in the fassion business in Buenos Aires , we own the Kosiuko brand. Forget my english ( we speak spanish )
Federico and Cynthia