Thursday, September 30, 2010

Drinking Lavender With French Kissed

french kissed
There are blogs out there that I visit whenever I need an eye candy fix and French Kissed is one of them. This women spends her days styling and staging amazingly expensive properties then returns to her humble home which is a delight.
She mixes up a lavender drink, takes it into the garden and turns it into a work of art. Wonder if I can take my mug of coffee outside and do the same - NOT!
french kissed


jenn said...

love this idea


French-Kissed said...

Please accept my apology for not stopping by sooner to say thanks for the mention. I have been swamped with work and trying to save the environment and have had to push my blogging activities to the back burner for a bit. Another blogger just told me about the post. I adore your style and your whimsical creations! Stop by anytime for for a drink of lavender or whatever else might be available.