Friday, May 14, 2010

Far Flung Parisian Brocantes

a brocante in jouarre france
Whenever I am in Paris I sniff out Brocantes, I love 'em. The French people bring out their family heirlooms and sell them to people such as me for centimes then rush off to IKEA to spend their takings. Yesterday was Ascension Day and a public holiday here in France so we drove to Jouarre a charming little town on the East side of Paris. I was not disappointed in the hundreds of
a brocante in jouarre france
stalls. Oh yes there was rubbish but in amongst it there was treasures to be had, even a
a brocante in jouarre france
dog for sale at 2,400 Euros,
a brocante in jouarre france
two very happy stall holders,
a brocante in jouarre france
and the friendliest Brocante I have ever been to. Everyone had a smile on their face even though it was a dull and cold day.
The car is full to the gunnels so I will photograph my finds next week when I get home. Ghost Furniture here they come.


the paris apartment said...

OOOhhh I can't wait to see your car stuffed with goodies! Wish we got to spend some time shopping together!

Bridget said...

France is beautiful through an artistic English eye!

Mélanie A. said...

Can't wait to see your finds

rochambeau said...

Can't wait to see your treasures, then see them trans ~ Form!

corine said...

Parisians can't show Paris the way you do. I'm loving the virtual visit.

lisa golightly said...

You make me wish even more to go to Paris !!! I wonder how much those 2 alabaster urns were ??? Love your blog ! XO Lisa