Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Other Side of Ghost Furniture - As Promised

Ghost Furniture does more than that that is visible on the website. I take on commissions that no one really gets to see - until now that is.

These 6 chairs were commissioned for a fabulous mews house in central London. 3 pairs of chairs, each upholstered in a different colour velvet.

Given a shabby look but in a different way as I used Blackened Bronze so that it catches the light

so looks really opulent when used for an evening meal.

Each chair has a little vintage brass plaque on the back, a different way of displaying a place name at the table.

Sad to see them go really, they brightened up my cottage.

This pair were finished in a truly matte black paint, upholstered in black canvas and highlighted and piped in Regency Gold.

A little vintage ribbon rose has been attached to the back of each seat. Now living in a huge farmhouse in Northumberland.

This sexy 1950s mannequin was covered in a vintage Russian Linen and

we left the Stockman logos exposed at both the bottom and

neck. She came without a base so the legs from a vintage table were used instead.

I am furious with myself for forgetting to photograph this dining suite before I painted it. It was an orange tinted pine which isn't a great look.

I finished the whole suite in a matte ash grey paint and highlighted the carvings, finials and the tabletop edge in Blackened Bronze.

The table top is covered entirely in blackboard paint so the owner can have great fun chalking place names, place mats or anything else she desires on it.

In fact it looks as though it has a slate top when it is blank. Incidentally the chairs are waiting to be covered by the owner. and I hope she does them in black.
Hope you enjoyed this little look into the other side of Ghost Furniture.


C.J. said...

you are good! Love the blackened bronze. the velvet chairs in all colors were brilliant to look at! and those matte black were so cool. Great work!

vicki archer said...

Fabulous work Di...I love the name plaques on the back of the chairs for a seating plan...totally ingenious. xv

lorenabr said...

Great job on it :) it looks fab

Unknown said...

The velvet chairs look fab!
They look superb

Jan said...

Love all of it Di.

Denise Kiggan said...

It is so good to see your gorgeous work. I love the colourful velvet chairs with the name tags on the back!
And the blackboard table top! What a great idea!

folding bookcase said...

It 's a good look.
If you want to buy. I have a interesting.

Anzu said...

Not the first to say it, but the plaques on the chair backs is a brilliant idea.

Trouvais said...

VERY clever...lovely!!! I'm so impressed. Wow. Label, bright velvet, matte black, upturned mannequin collar. Hat's off. XO Trish

Helen Morris said...

The velvet turned out beautifully as I knew it would. No wonder you've been so busy. It all looks great.
Hope to speak soon. Paris next week.

babelfish said...

This is a wonderful part of the Ghost Furniture business, love that pieces can be turned into whatever the owner desires.