Friday, March 19, 2010

Off To London Again

On Sunday we leave for London but on Saturday we are attending

our grand daughter Marcie's 3rd birthday party. That's her on the left with her brother Sonny and sister Georgia (the singer). She does that smile on every photo.
Off to deliver more Ghost Furniture. This time 6 commisioned chairs and a cabinet for a customer who lives in the Congestion Zone but it's free on a Sunday - hooray. I can't show you the chairs as the customer hasn't even seen them yet but they are FAB!
anthropologie london
I HAVE to go to Anthropologie and

liberty london
Liberty. This time I mean it - there are things in particular I need but the highlight of the trip is that
from little acorns
I am spending time and dining out with my collaborator. I am almost ready to reveal who it is but not just yet. It's killing me more than you because I am dying to tell who it is and just what we have been doing.
Will try and take some pics and do some posts whilst I am away. Farewell.


Bridget said...

Good luck to London, ghost furniture seems a very happy story!Coongratulations!

Enzie Shahmiri said...

Have a wonderful time with your beautiful family in London. Sorry, I do not come around much. I have been super busy. When are you going to join facebook so I can at least catch your lovely blog posts there?

rochambeau said...

Have a wonderful trip. Glad your Ghost is selling well Di!! You deserve! Can't wait to hear who you are Collaborating with.
Happy birthday to sweet Marcie.
Have a wonderful time!


rochambeau said...

Would love for you to snap some photos in the inside of Liberty!

Trouvais said...

Adorable. Good genes. And waiting with bated breath! XO Trish

Splendid Willow said...

Hope London treated you royally! I am beyond curious about your new collaboration. You rock girl!

Ox Mon

P.S And at some point we need to discuss the In The Spotlight Q&A.

paris parfait said...

So thrilled for all these Ghost Furniture success stories. Wish I were with you at Liberty! xoxox

Unknown said...

Di, hoping you are having a wonderful time in London--can't wait to see the work you were commissioned to do--how exciting!

xo Mary Jo

trollcole said...

Hiya! I've been following your blog for a while now, but never commented. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your style. it's amazing!
With that being said, if you have the time, and you've never been, I recommend going to see Churchill's war rooms near Buckingham Palace. This isn't just to learn the history of the blitz, but to be inspired by the surroundings. I wanted to recreate my home in the way these signs, hallways, desks, maps on the walls, etc. looked. I figured that since you're an inspiration, and this was an inspiration, then maybe you'd like it too?

Mélanie A. said...

What fabulous stories. I want to hear more