Wednesday, January 14, 2009


lighting by garbage at craft2eu
I found these fabulous lamps made from old kitchen stuff at craft2eu. These innovative designs are by a company called Garbage.
Love it all
lighting by garbage at craft2eu

lighting by garbage at craft2eu


Debbie Schramer said...

Hello Di,

Your blog is utterly amazing!! What an incredible resource you share for beautiful and artistic sites. I was so excited to find your blog and spent nearly 45 minutes searching through all the amazing links and features. I thought you might find our art work (I work with my husband who is also an artist) very unusual. We make amazing, beautiful Fairy Furniture and Treehouses from nature and found objects. Hope you'll visit. (My website is: and you can visit my blog, too.
Thank you for sharing so much beauty!!

tavelhus said...

Lovely lamps!!!

vicki archer said...

Very fun Di, xv.

rochambeau said...

Hi Di.
This here is my kind of "garbage"!

beauty comma said...

Excellent! I'm very pro redesign, and these are both fun and beautiful at the same time!

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

Hi Di,
Did you ever receive my email regarding the new friends banner?
Please let me know...i removed the other one today..because i am making more space and need smaller banners. Please look at my friends section for sizes. Send me one if you;d like to be added.


Jen Ramos

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Aussie Jo said...

These recycled lamps are amazing. I wish I'd thought of it before I used my grandmother's old boiler to plant in.

paris parfait said...

So clever! Love the idea. I had part of an antique weather vane turned into a lamp. Will post a photo once it arrives.

Denise Kiggan said...

I love these!

Garbage said...

Hello... Many thanks for this "add" and all your kind comments!

Gilles "Garbage" EICHENBAUM.