Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Seem To Be Doing It Right With Ghost Furniture

How Does Design Respond to a Bleak Economic Landscape?
terence conran kirsty allsopp and Philippe Starck
Taken from an article in today's Guardian
miss anne chair ghost furniture
Miss Anne - Vintage French Salon Chair/Victorian Riding Jacket

Philippe Starck There are other priorities now. Perhaps in 30 years it will be interesting to come back and speak about the beauty of a chair or a lamp, but today that seems a bit obscene. Even during the time it takes to do this interview, people will die from a lack of water. We must try to stop design for design's sake. Design has always been political, and now more than ever we focus on new goals, which I call democratic ecology. Everyone talks about ecology, but we need to make it happen, not speak about it.
bedside cabinet ghost furniture
Bedside Reading - Vintage Commode/Vintage Hardback Book/Vintage Reading Glasses

Terence Conran While I partially agree with Philippe, I still believe in promoting intelligent - I prefer that word to good - design that can help improve people's lives. In economic hard times or not, it's still the same.
dressing table ghost furniture
Dressing Up - Vintage Dressing Table/Vintage Hand Mirror/Vintage Mannequin Arm

Kirstie Allsopp I hope the current economic crisis will lead to people looking for longevity. In an average house I see an enormous turnaround of stuff. There are plenty of homes where nothing is more than five years old. What happened to the things that preceded them? What happened to the possessions of previous generations? It's almost like people had no parents or grandparents. Nothing has been passed on.
retro chair and footstool ghost furniture
Retro Chic & Feet Up - Retro Danish Chair/Faux Embroidered Leather (Old Designer Stock) & Stool Made From Claw Foot Bath/Faux Embroidered Leather (Old Designer Stock)
As I said - I Seem To Be Doing It Right.


Unknown said...

Yes you are! I love the fact that your ghost furniture besides being witty and beautiful can also be seen as a commentary on something that's been around and will keep being around. Longevity according to all the big environmentalists is the answer, more so than organic, etc.

xo Mary Jo

Jan said...

I'll second that !

Country French Antiques said...

Here is a third to that!!
Absolutely LOVE that chair,
what a beautiful idea and like the tub feet too!
Your amazing!!!

Parisbreakfasts said...

And I'll third it!

paris parfait said...

Was there ever any doubt, my dear friend? I think not! xoxox

Anonymous said...

Count me in at 5ing it!
Your work is sensational, you're so on the right path.

adelaidegalsblahg said...

i love your blog..and you're such a creative person..and that's to be commended..glad you are introducing a more affordable range..

if you would like an honest opinion..personally i think some of the ghost furniture range is incredibly expensive..and maybe a bit kitsch..then again..maybe i'm wrong..warm regards