Friday, September 21, 2012


camden passage
Image 1
I mentioned yesterday that we took a leisurely stroll to Islington from our hotel opposite St Pancras Station. Islington is an interesting and diverse place. Tucked behind it's main thoroughfare is Camden Passage.
coffee works project
Image 2
I was just sorry there was no market on but we stopped and people watched at Coffee Works Project
cafe islington
On Upper Street we passed a cafe with a window table made from a scooter, so clever.
cafe islington
 Outside another cafe a beautiful vintage cafe table.
carboard venus
 A cardboard Venus graced the window of an Interior Designers shop.
ottolenghi islington
Ad the windows of Ottolenghi had visible lick marks on them.
ottolenghi islington
Just look at those huge meringues.
ottolenghi islington
Had I been hungry I could have eaten every single item in that shop.
little paris islington
Islington is a diverse and hugely innovative place to wander around. I love that old shop signs still remain when new businesses take over, as they do in Paris. Islington is a designers paradise and well worth a visit.


Sara Phillips said...

Looks fab looks like a Spanish street! I haven't been to islington for Years

vicki archer said...

Sounds like a fabulous trip Di... Islington is such a wonderful area... I must go there again... thank you for the prompt... Enjoy your weekend... xv