Thursday, September 20, 2012

London Made Easy

king's cross
Each time we visit London it's hit and miss as to whether we get a good hotel or not. This time it was a BIG hit. We stayed a hop skip and a jump from Kings Cross/St Pancras. In fact it was right opposite.
saint pancras
I would have no hesitation in recommending this hotel to anyone. But before I show you the hotel just take a peek at the new look King's Cross and how wonderful is the revamp of St Pancras? To think it was going to be demolished in the 1980s.
king's cross platform 9 3/4
You can't walk through King's Cross without taking a picture of the platform that takes you to the Hogwarts Train.
king's cross departures hall
The roof of the new departures hall is a work of art.
megaro hotel london

Now to the hotel. Who wouldn't want to stay in a hotel that paints it's exterior in such a way?

megaro hotel london
Megaro Hotel is simply stylish, nothing pretentious but quirky little details that make yu smile.
megaro hotel london
The breakfasts are to die for and the choices are numerous. The staff are attentive and friendly and you can watch your breakfast being cooked in the spotless kitchen.
megaro hotel london
Our waitress at breakfast was charming and went out of her way to ensure everything Harvey had was lactose free, as were his needs.

Even if you aren't staying there I would strongly advise you to eat in their bar/cafe Karpo which is right in front of you, over the road as you exit King's Cross.
Gone are the days when you got out of King's Cross tout suite. In fact on Tuesday morning we had a leisurely stroll to Islington which is just up the road. Try it I insist.

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