Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Two Day Journey to Paris

the leas folkestone
It's a long way from Northumberland to Paris so we stopped overnight at Folkestone where the Channel Tunnel is located. I have never been to Folkestone before and I was amazed at how gorgeous it is. One of my favourite sights in English seaside towns are the bandstands and this one didn't fail to impress.
the leas folkestone
We took an evening stroll along the The Leas which is high above the sea shore and lined with trees which keeps that chilly wind from the Channel at bay.
the leas folkestone
Peeking through the trees we saw strange boulders in the sea
the leas folkestone
which we later found out were breakers to keep the sea from these fabulous gardens
the leas folkestone
They even erected a statue to Harvey for our visit. Shame the bird came and crapped on his head.

Today we arrived at Charlotte's new abode, no this isn't it but a fabulous house in a neighboring town. We sat at a Cafe opposite and drank cafe and Pastis. Look at those windows on the top floor

and a gorgeous ivy clad house at the end of the main street. Shame rather large Frenchman got in my way.
Tomorrow I am off for a day in Paris with Tara (Paris Parfait) where we will be visiting Merci and oh how I will wow you tomorrow. Bonne nuit.


Prairie Girl Studio said...

i so so love the ivy clad house ~ looking forward to seeing more of paris through your eyes!

thanks thanks ~ happy journey,

paris parfait said...

Love those oeil de boeuf windows! One of my dearest friends lives in Folkestone, so I've been there a few times - once for an entire week. It really is lovely, isn't it? Although bits of downtown aren't so great. There's an old church at the end of one of the main streets with a fascinating graveyard - wish I'd had my camera. See you soon! xoxox

rochambeau said...

This is a beautiful part of the earth Folkestone! Thank you for sharing your photos!
Harvey looks nice with a bird on his head!
Have fun with Tara. I know you will and have!


Primrose said...

I love the ivy-house. It's like something from an old French fairytale. I think there must be a sleeping beauty inside.

Sunflower said...

oh how blessed you are to go to France! i would drop everything if i could go to Europe. you are so lucky. love your post, you must be having a wonderful time. thanks for sharing!
debbie schramer

babelfish said...

I have been to Folkestone a long time ago, I love the houses you've captured here (can't wait to see the Paris pics).

Anonymous said...

You make me feel like I've never been to Paris before! I can't wait to see what you find at Merci! PS your daughter is just gorgeous!

Christina said...

I can't wait to see the pictures. Oh you two will have such a wonderful time. I love your list!