Monday, May 18, 2009

Off To Paris - My Itinerary

Monday 18th May 2009 - on my way to Paris or to be more precise just outside Paris
french hamlet
to a little hamlet in the countryside where our daughter Charlotte has just taken up residence
paris welcome
Welcomed with open arms by our baby
country home france
into her new abode
decorating a french country house
which needs a little TLC courtesy of myself and Harvey, who will be rewarded with Charlotte's cooking which she does like a French native
two women in paris
Meeting up with Tara, of Paris Parfait fame, for a couple of days of shopping and putting the world to rights
parisian cafe chair
Drinking fabulous coffee, in fabulous cafes with fabulous chairs just like this
parisian flowers
Falling over flowers in the streets
french bread
Going out each morning to buy fresh bread
french patisserie
and cakes
paris marais shop
and coming back with a new dress
paris shopping list
Constantly referring to my shopping list, which will end up tattered and torn through over use.
merci paris
A visit to Merci where I promise to find wonderful things to show you
emery et cie paris
A visit to Emery et Cie which I promise to do every time I am in Paris
repetto paris
and Repetto will have me grace their doorstep this time even if it kills me
leroy merlin
Leroy Merlin the DIY store that landed from heaven for gorgeous paints for my Ghost Furniture because I can't find the same anywhere else and don't get me going on their amazing paint brushes or we will be here all day.
leroy merlin lexicon
They even have a lexicon of English/French terms which is so handy for non French speakers like me
paris brocante
Of course I will be haunting every Brocante that I come across
paris brocante
Rooting out the unusual, the weird and the downright beautiful
paris brocante
These are my favourite flea markets, pavements full of STUFF
paris brocante
Not for me these places with prices that make you pee your pants with shock
french garden furniture
Looking for garden furniture for my cottage
curtain fabric
and fabrics for curtains in this colour palette
silk velvet
which must be silk velvet because nothing else drapes so beautifully.

I am not sure if I will have easy access to the internet on this visit but keep checking back for some Parisian eye candy as I will do my best to find a connection


vicki archer said...

Have a fab time Di and good luck with your shopping. Leroy Merlin is just the best isn't it. xv

TheDecoDetective said...

Lucky you - sounds wonderful! Safe trip, have fun!

Jan said...

Have a great trip !
That DIY store looks interesting.
Looking forward to hearing all about your adventure.

Mélanie said...

I'm waiting for your paris pics !!
I will send you a photo of a pair of vintage curtains , I found a long time ago It is your palette . I love them and I keep them but may be it will inspire you!
Good luck at the brocante

Noel Solomon said...

Di, every thing you shared with us about your trip sounds PERFECT and looks DIVINE!! I love your buying list... ohhh to find all those... how fun. And Congrats to Charlotte.. she is so lucky to have your company. And her new adobe is her new perfect home! HAVE FUN!!

paris parfait said...

Can't wait to see you! Great post. Safe travels! xoxox

Sarthak said...

bon voyage !!

rochambeau said...

Find joy with with your Charlotte! She looks like a vivacious person. And do find tresor galore!

Will be waiting for your take on all your cool "finds" during your adventure.
A Hug to you and also, one for Tara from moi!

Bon Voyage Di!!


corine said...

No need to tell you that I envy you. By the way, that chair is fabulous.

babelfish said...

Everything look so beautiful, have a wonderful time.

stencil helen said...

Hi Sweets, I hope you are all having a fabulous time. The Patisserie shop in your pictures is just round the corner from my friend's flat, Ive taken many shots of the painted glass there.

Paris Diner said...

Did you do everything you set out to do?
I did not actually enter Repetto...
At 155 a pop I'd rather pop macarons instead :)