Sunday, May 24, 2009

Arriving In Paris

On arrival at Charlotte's new pad in the countryside we were presented with amazing meal. Duck on a bed of sweet potato with puy lentils, red currants and shallots. Try it, her recipe is on her blog - The Pauper's Kitchen - the best duck dish I have ever tasted.

The poppies were out to greet us on the terrace.

A fair was being set up in the hamlet just as we arrived. The noise is deafening and the music leaves a lot to be desired but the locals are having a ball.

First things first - off to the local Brocante. A nail biting experience for this guy.

But look what I got for less than 100 Euros. I was in seventh heaven.

Then off to Leroy Merlin for the paints and brushes. You have to sing for your supper here.

A bit of a busman's holiday but very enjoyable as I like nothing better than a blank canvas to work on.

First paint the fridge to match the cabinet we brought over for Charlotte's new home.

Paint a blackboard on the kitchen wall.

Paint the kitchen cabinets

Hang a metal lamp that I found in a skip back home

Painting Charlotte's house mate's bedroom. I was talked into buying a cheap white paint for this and have got to the 3rd coat and it's still crap. Off to Leroy Merlin tomorrow to buy a decent one. You only get what you pay for.

The guest room is a totally different story because I bought this paint from Leroy Merlin and this is after just one coat.
After pictures will follow in the next few days and meanwhile I will try and get the paint brush out of my hand where it seems to have been a permanent fixture since arriving.


paris parfait said...

It's already looking fabulous! Love the kitchen cabinets and how you painted the fridge to match that lovely curio cabinent. xoxox

paris parfait said...

Oh and that largest frame you bought? It's gold gilt from 1830 and you got it for an absolute steal! xo

Jan said...

Don't know where you get the energy to achieve all this in the timescale! (although I'm sure you're enjoying yourself in the process) looking forward to the after pics.

TheDecoDetective said...

Sounds like hard work and a lot of fun! I'm excited to see the result of the makeover. The dinner sounds delicious...
Great finds at the Brocante. Congrats!

rochambeau said...

Charlotte's house is looking GREAT DI!
About the paint thing.
I think it is too late now, but wanted to tell you what I discovered about paint doing our room. If you have the store tint primer, THAT REALLY WORKS GREAT!!!!

Can't wait to see what you will create with your new treasure!


rochambeau said...

That was nice of Tara to share her nice things with Charlotte. She's a generous person!