Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Day In Paris With Tara

I wouldn't even consider coming to Paris and not visiting my fabulous friend Tara Baradford, she of Paris Parfait fame. We meet up and talk for England, put the world to rights, shop 'till we drop and have a great time.

Before we visited Merci, that fabulous shop on Boulevard Beaumarchais, we called in to Agape which is around the corner from Tara's apartment. And what did we see as soon as we walked through the door MERCI in huge zinc letters - serendipity!

Last time we visited they had a table set for tea and we weren't disappointed this time.

Off to Merci which we missed when we stepped off the Metro - it was behind us and we realised when we ended up at the wrong end of the road. That's Tara camera in hand. I just know her pictures will be so much better than mine. Sorry Tara I just had to snap you.

The famous car has been filled with plants, how cool is that?

Ivy growing from under the bonnet. I wish I had room in my garden for one of these.

Health and Safety leaves a lot to be desired.

Giant chandeliers made from clay

A table with ceramic legs - be careful with the vacuum cleaner.

An ostrich at the top of the stairs with what I can only describe as a gimp's outfit on.

We were walking thorugh to the garden area and Tara wanted to use the loo. Stop - I said - I want to photograph that door

then she opened it and shouted me to look at the ceiling - I want a loo ceiling like that.

A little girl in the garden shop admiring the brightly colored birds in a big vintage cage.

I love to spend the day with Tara, she's wacky, generous, clever and who else do you know that carries a Louis Vuitton bag with brightly coloured flowers on and red converse shoes on her feet? She has given Charlotte some of the most amazing pieces for her new home and Harvey, Charlotte and I were at Tara and David's apartment last night for dinner and had ball. We laughed 'til we cried and ate the best Moroccan food ever courtesy of Tara's chef David who she also happens to be married to. How fortuitous is that?


Judith. Santa Fe said...

I've been missing your posts ... . so happy to hear you've been playing in Paris with Tara!
It looks like a great day -
green with envy .


paris parfait said...

Hmmm, not thrilled about that first photo! But it was such a fun time with you, as always! Will post the rest of my pics from Merci on Monday. The chef appreciates your kudos! xoxox

vicki archer said...

Sounds like the best time ever and my idea of heaven - Can I come next time ??? xv

rochambeau said...

I love hearing and seeing your adventure with Tara, Di. What a fun time it sounds like you had. Especially like the photos of the ceiling of the loo. But, all you photos are great!!


Freshly Found said...

What a huge amount of fun you have had! All the creative work and visiting those lovely places. said...

Ummmm, did you forget to invite someone???? I adore you both!! Oh, I love Tara's style, she is so gorgeous and fab. Two gorgeous fab ladies, you and her on the town!! wooo hoooo!! xoxo

Mélanie said...

Sounds like a very good time together . You were so lucky to be abble to go to Merci together.
I love the picture you took of her ...she is so amazing ...just like you

Noel Solomon said...

What a day Di! I cannot believer that chandelier is made of clay, ohhh how I would love to see that! And your little red car... very cool. So alive!

xoxo Noel

the paris apartment said...

You two together are dangerous! Looks like you had a grand old time!

Bridget said...

Yes this place is for your you!!

parisbreakfasts said...

Some folks are very lucky...