Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Not Spam You Can Eat

Yesterday morning I checked my emails and I had 542 of them. I was so pissed off when I saw that most of them were spam comments in Chinese on my blog. It took me hours to delete them all. I may sound somewhat calm about this but I wasn't yesterday. Spam used to come in tins for poor people to eat now it comes in my inbox. I never liked the tinned version either.
I put SICK TO THE BACK TEETH in Babelfish and translated it to Chinese and got those squiggles in the picture above. I wanted to do f*!k off but I didn't want to offend any innocent Chinese readers.
Anybody else get this many? By the way I have had to switch my verification and approval stuff back on so apologies to those of you who hate typing in those silly letters that look like they are falling over or running away.


paris parfait said...

I get a lot of email, but never that much spam! You must have been the victim of some kind of mass spam bombardment for April Fool's Day!

Anonymous said...

Believe me , what the translator gave you is totally different than what you mean in English.

boinky said...

I don't get that many, but you need to get a mail program that allows you to delete all: Yahoo and gmail and hotmail do have this.

As for Spam: Here in the Philippines, for years it was considered the meat used for visitors. I didn't understand it until I moved here and realized that the alternative was to go out kill the chicken, remove the feathers and fry her up.

With spam, you don't have to chase the chicken all over the yard.