Wednesday, April 01, 2009

You Must Go And Visit This Site - Bjorg Jewellery

Bjorg Jewellery
A lady putting a fire out - go figure!

Hit this link and be amazed. I was when the lovely Karey M, she of the late Mackink ( I still miss that blog so much) emailed me this morning telling me about this site - Bjorg Jewellery.
Wow not only is the opening video stunning but so is the jewellery that this woman designs. Please take a look and you will come back and thank me, I promise.
Also if you miss Karey M as much as me you can still read her posts and laugh out loud at Kirtsy, I do every day.
Bjorg Jewellery
I didn't know pewter bent when it hits the ground
Bjorg Jewellery
How does she do that?
Bjorg Jewellery
See I told you
Bjorg Jewellery
Bjorg Jewellery
I want one
Bjorg Jewellery
Sorry No Smoking allowed and she has my shoes on


paris parfait said...

Some very unusual things here.

Rikke said...

I know its sooo great!!
Lots i want:)

J Santa Fe said...

That lady packs a lot of talent .... .

Noel Solomon said...

Different and I like it! I must go see the link.. but I'll thank you now :)

Noel Solomon said...

okay, I just cmae back to thank you again. That website it AMAZING!

karey m. said...

i had those same shoes in high school! and have been on a hunt for some as cool ever since...

and this site fits you: unique, stunning, brilliant.

see you! xoxo.

kat said...

LOVE that necklace!

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

I visiting this site. AMAZING! Once again, thanks Di! There is a lot I want to buy!!

Anonymous said... have a huge range of Bjorg jewellery online and they;ve just started a 40% off sale so worth a look

Anonymous said...

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gu1 Jewellers said...

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