Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Need The Chelsea Gardener

The Chelsea Gardener
Now the builders have fled, well for a little while as they still have some work to do on the front windows, we are left with the unenviable task of creating a lovely outside space. Not the easiest thing to do when we haven't got a green finger between the two of us.
The Chelsea Gardener
Our garden is sunk into a small hill surrounded by walls and sloping banks. I want colour, moss, wispy trees, trailing plants and vintage furniture.
The Chelsea Gardener
For inspiration and envy I visit The Chelsea Gardener. If you love colour and nature you could do worse than to visit this site. Eye Candy at it's very best.


Jan said...

Think positive Di I'm sure it will be visually stunning by the time you've finished with it! :)

parisbreakfast said...

This reminds me of Chauncy Gardener - that wonderful Peter Sellers movie...what was the name damn it?

vicki archer said...

It sure is Di, xv.

paris parfait said...

I am a fan of The Chelsea Gardener too. But with only the balcony, am quite limited in what's possible here.