Friday, August 08, 2008

Maybe It's Because I'm a Londoner - Few and Far

few and far londonOpposite the V&A in London you will find one of the happiest interiors shops on the planet - Few and Far. Visit, they have the most friendly staff and made me the best ever coffee.
few and far london
The moment you see a sheep sitting in a colander you know you are somewhere special. Owned by Terence Conran's sister and wife of Antonio Carluccio, the famous Italian chef (hey who wouldn't use their names to get their shop on the map).
few and far london
The moment you see a full size Gypsy Caravan in the window you know you are somewhere with a lot of floor space.

How about this Necklace made of glass bubbles. I nearly bought this but was frightened my grandchildren would try and pop them.
few and far london
The gorgeous Store Manager showed me what was behind this massive fridge door - Their kitchen. Isn't that so clever? They had it specially made to look like a huge retro fridge.
few and far london
All good shops should hang a boat above a wreath. Styling at its very best.
few and far london
Heavy French influences in the kitchen and dining section.
few and far london
Huge serving dishes, there must have been 2 lettuces on this one, with loads of room to spare.
few and far london
My credit card wallet started jumping about in my bag when I saw the rails of Manon Gignoux clothes.
few and far london
One lovely member of staff demonstrated the different ways you can wear these clothes. I was enthralled.
few and far london
Nautical colours were the theme
few and far london
I can't remember who this designer was but I know I have featured them on Designers Block before. Hey it was hot and the shop had loads for me to see.
few and far london
Every single item in this shot is a candle and there was even more.

One last thing. This shop is in Knightsbridge, a very up market area. DO NOT be scared to cross the threshold here. It was so refreshing to go into a shop where smiles abound. This is a happy place, even the other customers were happy, we all chatted to each other. I met a lovely lady from Washington DC who took my business card because she wanted to read this blog. Hello Lady :)

This shop is named Few and Far because it only does limited editions of anything it sells. It manages to find pieces that aren't easily available anywhere else. A customer's dream but a buyers nightmare I would imagine, anyway it works and it's fabulous.


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Hey, I want my own sheep in a collander!!!

PS Did you buy any of those lovely clothes? do share...

Sea Angels said...

I'm coming with you next time...these images are divine.
Hugs Lynn xx

rochambeau said...

I'm hopping in my Gypsy Caravan and moving to Few and Far. Because at this shop is everything I need for happiness: Nice people, good clothes, a well appointed kitchen and fabulous bubbly jewels.

Thanks Di!!

rochambeau said...

I wish you could please tell me more about how that first outfit on the rack with rose red and the white is put together. I get the whiter part. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!

paris parfait said...

How have I missed this shop before? I was at the V&A not long ago and I swear I didn't notice this shop - and you know how I pay attention to these things??!! It's a must for my September trip. xoxox

Queenie said...

What a fabulous shop,I would spend a fortune.

Phillippa - Bedding E-Tailer said...

I would spend a fortune too! Funnily enough my sister has a gypsy caravan just like the one pictured sitting in her garden for her children to play in (just different coloured roof). Needless to say, she doesn't live in London!