Thursday, August 07, 2008

Maybe It's Because I'm a Londoner - Comfort Station

comfort station londonYet another gem found just off Brick Lane - Comfort Station
comfort station london
The shop stopped me dead in my tracks. White Ropes and a massive stuffed White Owl in the window.
comfort station london
I stepped closer to the window to see displays that Vogue would have died for.
comfort station london
I stepped inside and the far wall was even better. Jewellery displayed in vintage books and the most divine bags with intricately carved wood handles. Everything in the shop is designed and made by Amy Anderson.
comfort station london
Is that not the best looking shop you have ever seen? The added bonus is that it is full of wonderful things. Look at the glass display cabinet suspended in the air.
comfort station london
Wonderful things like these
comfort station london
and these. You must click to enlarge these pictures to see how just how intricate these pieces are.

More under glass in vintage leather suitcases, mounted onto the wall.
comfort station london
Vintage pharmacy jars draped with more fabulous pieces.
comfort station london
I'm only sorry you couldn't have been there. But you can visit the Comfort Station website, it's every bit as beautiful as the shop and if you are in London you MUST go.


Country French Antiques said...

WOW! I love those creative type places!
The vintage suitcases are tooo cool!
Thanks, as always for your wonderful posts.

Sea Angels said...

I think I will have to book a ticket, you have found some brilliant places

babelfish said...

Just fabulous, I wonder why I never spot shops like this when I'm in London? The necklaces are gorgeous, I'm off to explore.

paris parfait said...

Well I can see I'm going to have to extend my next visit to London by several days - just to take in all these yummy delights! Of course my credit cards are still screaming from San Francisco, but a girl can look, right? :) xoxox