Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Cuff by Bonzie

cuff by bonzie at etsy
A few weeks ago I did a post about Bonzie at Etsy and featured some fabulous clothes and accessories made by a very talented Irish woman. Well she was so delighted with her 15 minutes of fame that she sent me my very own Bonzie Cuff with which I am thrilled. The detailing is stunning and as for the packaging well just take a look. She cut out a Fluer de Lys on the very Irish green envelope which contained an origami folded letter and used the cut outs to decorate the parcel which was made of a vintage dress pattern, a linen label printed - with love - and tied with ribbon that she also used on the cuff.
Details like these all make for the most pleasurable experience and I will be wearing my cuff on Saturday night with great pride. Thanks Bonzie.
cuff by bonzie at etsy
cuff by bonzie at etsy


paris parfait said...

How lovely! What a fantastic surprise and elegant presentation. xo

stencil helen said...

How lovely. In a way, they remind me of the embellishments that you used to put on the knitwear that you designed in the eighties.

babelfish said...

Stunning cuffs, oh Di -you'll be the most stylish lady on Saturday!!

Ulla said...

This is so clever and artistic! What will you wear it with? Wonderful!!!