Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bonzie - Vintage Custome Made

bonzie vintage fashion
I received a comment on my blog this morning and as always if I haven't heard of the person before I link back. I am so pleased I did with this one. This is an Irish fashion label that takes vintage fabrics and thrifted trinkets and comes up with some gorgeous pieces. You can have these designs custom made if you want specific colours etc.
Oh how I love inventiveness like this.
Bonzie at Etsy - she has a great blog also.
bonzie vintage fashion
bonzie vintage fashion
bonzie vintage fashion


ParisBreakfasts said...

FAB clothes!!!
Bet they are BRIT...so far away...sigh
Will go take a look

Are you going to the Ham Fair?
I thought that was in October?


rochambeau said...

Fabulous! So creative and real and couture and LOVELY.
When I have more time I'm going for a visit!!!