Thursday, February 28, 2008

Found In The Bronx

found in the bronx the new york times
Sherrie and Marcel Deans stumbled upon a 16-room mansion in the Bronx last year and just look what they found. I love a story like this.
The mansion had been untouched for decades and had all its original features intact, even the fabulous chandelier was still there. They found numerous artifacts, books and the original blueprints of the house.
This lucky couple hope to move in this Spring. I found this wonderful tale at The New York Times website where you can see more pictures and the whole story.
found in the bronx the new york times

found in the bronx the new york times
found in the bronx the new york times
found in the bronx the new york times


Christine said...

I read the NY times Real estate section (on line) faithfully just to read stories like this one. I saw it when it first came out and was mesmerized. Living in an old house poses some challenges but they look like they are lovingly up for the task.
Thanks for making me smile all over again


wonderful story, woderful house.

paris parfait said...

I did see that in the Times. Isn't it amazing? What a lucky family. By the way your Live traffic feed isn't accurate - it says I'm in the Midi pyrenees, rather than in Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris.

Bonzie Designs said...

How stunning is this house! Could totally see vogue editorial in here! ;)
great find.

Anonymous said...

This was such a lovely and stunning post Di! I am a supporter of the National Trust, and your story struck a chord with my heart. I shared your find with my readers and happily added a track back to your lovely blog!

Unknown said...

a marvelous story. i am fascinated by decayed urban mansions...this is right up my alley! thank you for the find!

Anonymous said...

This is cool. I missed it, so thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

so amazing! love your blog!