Thursday, February 28, 2008

Genetic Talents

table by newastle hardwood
Northumberland (the fabulous county that I am fortunate enough to live in) abounds with talent. I never cease to be amazed when I discover someone new producing beautiful things in a beautiful setting.
The paintings below are by Sabine Rose - how impressive are these? She has passed her talents onto her son Daniel and daughter Nicola who along with Mark Sumner and David Angus produce these fabulous tables and bespoke interiors from hardwoods at Newcastle Hardwood and not content with that they have opened a new company RASKL producing those table mats and numerous other pieces of furniture and accessories made from western native and exotic timbers.
Note Helen Morris of The Stencil Library (pictured with Sabina, Helen's the redhead) who alerted me to these local talents. Thanks Helen.
tablematsby RASKL
art by sabine rose
art by sabine rose

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