Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just Because I Like Them

i am not a paper cup
I am a great believer in bringing a bit of humour into boring everyday chores. I mean a potato peeler needs to do its job but why not bring a smile to the face of the user?
The I Am Not a Paper Cup cup is porcelain with a silicone lid and why not.
I used to have the best potato peeler by Philippe Starck with a big green ball as a handle. I no longer have it because I dropped it down the waste disposal.
From DCI Gift
peace potato peeler


ParisBreakfasts said...

very witty
I love visual puns too!

rochambeau said...

It's about time we start using those porclin I am not a paper cup!! It saddens me to think about how much paper is waisted, and trees killed!!

I like the shadow 3-d effect you are using on your photos!! Looks so professional.