Thursday, January 24, 2008

Helen Amy Murray - Re-working Fabrics

Helen Amy Murray is famous for her cut out and appliqued leather work but now she is applying her skills to other fabrics. I mean she can even make a dentist chair look appealing.
Helen Amy Murray
I have no idea how this is done - is it painted?
Helen Amy Murray
A whole leather appliqued mannequin
Helen Amy Murray
This looks like a mattress
Helen Amy Murray
The Dentist Chair
Helen Amy Murray
A Black Leather Wall


paris parfait said...

Yes, you're right, even the dental chair looks good! But I still wouldn't want to be in it even a moment longer than necessary. :) xo

ParisBreakfasts said...

I don't know either...very hard to paint on leather..

LisaJay said...

The top one is beautiful.

tr said...

She has a couple other great furniture designs, one of them being placed on Arne Jacobsens Egg chair.

Thanks for the heads up on her.