Monday, January 14, 2008

Bergamo - I Stayed In An Oil Painting

We stayed in Bergamo by accident. Our flight didn't arrive until midnight so we decided to stay there the first night as Milan is 50 kilometers away.
On looking for an hotel for that night I searched the web and found that one of the 50 things you should do before you die is to stay in Bergamo - that was enough for me. We weren't sorry we stayed there for the duration of our stay. It really was like staying in an oil painting. I still can't believe I took that first photo.

This was the view from the bus stop. How many bus stops have a view like this?

Bergamo Alta (on the hill) is an ancient city and the buildings are stunning.

Piazza Vecchia was around the corner from our hotel and was undergoing a revamp when we were there but I took this picture omitting the scaffolds. The clock tower has a 24 hour clock as well as the 12 hour one.


Babelfish said...

What an idyllic place, the first photo really look like one of Cézanne's paintings.

Flights of Fab Fashion Fancy said...

Such a fabulous photo! Oh, to be in Bergamo! I'm sooo jealous!

Mélanie said...

I love Bergamo ! I wish I was there with you . Do you know the french song of D . tell " si j'étais un homme" . She says that Bergamo is the most romantic place.I hope I'm going back there pretty soon.
The words are :Et, juste à côté de Milan,
Dans une ville qu'on appelle Bergame,
Je te ferais construire une villa,
Mais je suis femme et, quand on est femme,
On n'achète pas ces choses-là.

Karen Cole said...

You are in Italy!!!

How wonderful.

My husband has family we have visited in Bergamo. What a beautiful place.

Enjoy ever moment and eat some pasta for me.