Monday, January 14, 2008

Doing it Differently

The Italian style always seems to contain some humour. This little waiter greeted us outside a cafe we called into for breakfast one morning.

An elegant door handle with a swans neck.

This massive Christmas Tree (they hadn't taken down their decorations) was made up entirely of ribbons. Stunning!

Frozen oranges on a tree. Not a smoking chimney but a vapor trail from an airplane.

No matter which angle we looked at this from the car port still looked as though the trees were holding it up.

Giant bamboo canes outside a Bergamo shop. They were real!

Hey why build a new wall when you can use the dolomite that's part of the earths crust?

A car park that seemed to only admit silver cars. Now that's stylish!


Babelfish said...

I love your observations, you make a great tour guide (the 'silver car only' carpark is hilarious). The Christmas tree is fabulous!

lilarey said...

Bergamo is a beatiful place, when you go to the top of the hill and look to the big valley... Y could never forget Bergamo...

Deb @ Beholder's Eye said...

Great pics - looks like a wonderful place, all nestled in. Welcome back! Deb