Monday, March 20, 2017

And Here's What I Bought in Paris

shopping in paris
A huge flower made from thick, soft, crinkly paper and
shopping in paris
when I say huge I mean HUGE.
shopping in paris
This is how the French present something. So beautiful you don't want to take it out but
shopping in paris
 inside is a fabulous fabric flower bracelet.
shopping in paris
2 gorgeous grey linen pillow cases for my bed
shopping in paris
and 2 pearlised leather and linen cushion covers for my sofa
shopping in paris
Lastly a pair of reading glasses that won't fall apart like all the others I have bought in the past.


scar said...

Your bed is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I'm very tired of reading "And Here's What I Bought in Paris" :)
I wonder if you have forgotten the blog. Hope you will be back soon!

Di Overton said...

I will. Life has taken over of late but I'm getting theređź’‹

LivingDECO' said...

Amazing purchases, they smell like Paris!