Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My Mojo and I Are Back

northumberland hamlet
Today it is exactly 9 months since Harvey passed away. Yesterday evening I suddenly had the urge, for the very first time, to take a walk along the gated road from our cottage. Every day Harvey took this walk and up until now I just haven't been able to bring myself to do the same thing. This was his favourite tree which he passed on his way to
northumberland hamlet
these gates where he would stand and
northumberland hamlet
take in this fabulous view, one of his favourites. I cried and cried as I stood in his place and as I turned to walk back alone to our cottage I noticed
northumberland hamlet
a beautful little lamb with it's mother in the field next to me. It made me realise that new life does come along and that we are expecting our daughter to give birth to a baby boy in July and he will have Harvey as his middle name.
So Harvey continues just not in the same way he used to. His bench on the village green is surrounded by flowers and they are even growing inside it.
You may have noticed I keep saying ours or us, that's because he is still a big part of me and my life and always will be, I have given our initials and their setting a new coat of paint. As now is the time for me to move into a new phase and to accompany me I have my MOJO which has returned to me after a long absence and am I pleased to see it? Of course I am.

driving in france
In a few weeks I am driving down to France to stay with our daughter Charlotte, visit the brocantes, bring back some Ghost Furniture pieces and on my return I shall do my magic again, add them to the website and do some Antique Fairs through summer. It seems an age since I did this, I am so excited and so is my MOJO. I shall be reporting back.


Ilva said...

This is uncanny, I was just thinking about you and your blog 30 minutes ago, wondering when you will start blogging again or if you were done with that part of your life and then PING, here you are! I'm so happy you are getting back, no I don't think getting back is a good word here, I'm happy you are finding a new way to live and that you are sharing it with us! Much much love to you! <3

Di Overton said...

Thanks so much Ilva that means so much to me. I am raring to go at last. Much love to you xx

Portraits-by-NC said...

So nice to hear that you are doing better. The pictures of the countryside are lovely and I love it that flowers are growing by the bench. Have a great time in France. Can't wait to see what you find :)

Di Overton said...

Thanks Enzie It has been far fom easy but geting much better Much love xx