Friday, March 14, 2014

Pilosale My LongTime Favourite Etsy Shop - Etsy Picks

pilosale at etsy
This beautifully curated Etsy Shop - Pilosale has something for everyone and every occasion. If you are crafty or just admire crafts this is the shop for you. If you are stuck for Mother's Day I'm sure you will find something at Pilosale that will make your Mother smile and that's all we all want isn't it?
pilosale at etsy
Hand stitched notebooks that look like pages from a school book, a big wooden bell and even a pillow with a map of the World that you can sew your own little red marker on, all made from gorgeous linens and hemps. Links to all these products are below.
pilosale at etsy

  1. Map Pillows
  2. Typewriter Pillow
  3. Things Case in Black
  4. Large Lined Paper Pillow
  5. Embroidered Notebooks
  6. Printed Ruler Ribbon
  7. Flour Ad Case
  8. Large Wooden Bell
  9. Full Linen Apron
  10. Drawstring Present Bag

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