Friday, February 14, 2014

A Light Less Ordinary - Etsy Picks

etsy picks a light less ordinary
I love Etsy, it's global, it's diverse, it showcases amazing talents and above all it is easy to navigate.etsy picks a light less ordinary
 I make no secret of my love of the unusual and what makes me smile is when I see a light created from something totally off the wall.
etsy picks a light less ordinary
From Cardboard Chandeliers to Light Houses made from old books here are my picks of lights less ordinary from Etsy.
Links below
etsy picks a light less ordinary

etsy picks a light less ordinary
  1. Small Hanging Knitwear Lamp by DutchDilight
  2. Vintage French Horn Swag Light by My Farm Girl Boutique
  3. Concrete and Gold Lamp by Cklosteen
  4. Cardboard Chandelier by Fab Parlor
  5. Book Paper Sculpture Night Lamp by Malena Valcarcel
  6. Chicken Brooder Pendant Light by Rediscovered Relics
  7. Industrial Chic Salvage Chandeler by Annasina
  8. Luce Book Lamp by Bom Design NL
  9. Pulley Wall Mounted Lamps by Industrial Rewind
  10. Metal Lace Planter Chandelier by BootsNGus
  11. Photo Lamp by RefreszDizajn

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