Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I Miss My Shower

mira showers
When I lived in the city I had a wet room all to myself and it had a huge walk in drencher shower just like the one above by Mira Showers. Loving this bathrom, it's huge and so chic.
freestanding shower
I could have a freestanding shower in my bedroom but the ceilings slope which leaves little room for it.
kohler shower at mira showers
 I could have a recessed shower like this beauty by Kohler also available from Mira Showers but all my upstairs ceilings slope so that one's out.
This is my bathroom and as you can see I am hard pressed to find a space for my much wanted shower.
shower under a sloping ceiling
I would have to move the bath to create a shower like this or
shower under a sloping ceiling
 like this. Somehow I think I am going to have to continue missing my shower.


Amanda said...

Wow that wet room is pretty cool, I've just gone through the process of redesigning our bathroom but it is just a small practical bathroom but would LOVE a room of this size and that shower. AMAZING.

Anonymous said...

Now, hang on a minute ... could some clever plumber not configure a way to put a freestanding pole by the end of your gorgeous soaking tub and then add an extension to your spout? It may not be the shower of your dreams, but at least it would let you stand up underneath the "shower" head. Just a thought!

BTW .. your bathroom is lovely!

Alison Gibb said...

Your bathroom is beautiful Di!