Friday, January 18, 2013

Nkuku - A Beautifully Curated Online Shop

Nkuku Savannah Leather Shopper
Savannah Leather Shopper
This is one fabulous online shop. So much to choose from and so beautifully presented. Everything is ethically sourced but the choice is still huge. Well done Nkuku
Nkuku Mango Wood Bowl and Spoon
Mango Wood Bowl and Spoon

Nkuku Giant Paper Clips
Giant Paper Clips

Nkuku Oni Chalk Board Box
Oni Chalk Board Box

Nkuku Salado Galss Bottles
Salado Glass Bottles

Nkuku Renu Jug
Renu Jug

Nkuku Mandovi Lamp
Mandovi Lamp

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A Cat From London said...

Naturalness and simplicity feel reflecting by the photos. They are simple and lovely.