Thursday, November 22, 2012

Full of Sh*te

Yesterday I decided for the first time to make a salsa following my daughter Sara's recipe. She went public with her secret ingredients not long ago on her blog Rituals Beauty.
homemade salsa and wraps
Thrilled to bits with the results I took some wraps from the freezer to toast to make tortilla chips for dipping. I glanced at the ingredients list of said wraps and was horrified to see that it was full of shite, as we say here in the North.
homemade salsa and wraps
It's a bloody disgrace that something sold as healthy with less than 3% fat can have so much crap in it. It's a fact that all these additives, corn syrup replacing sugar and preservatives etc etc, that are being pumped into our foods are killing us. Chickens pumped full of anti-biotics are making us immune to those drugs meant to save us. Enough I say. And as far as bread goes if I go there this blog post will go on forever.
READ THOSE LABELS and if you can't understand them don't buy the product.


Sara Phillips said...

Couldn't agree more, truly is a disgrace.

Alison Gibb said...

I agree Di, could not face nipping out tonight for bread in this rain so used my, I am ashamed to say, rather dusty breadmaker - wow - so easy - delicious crusty white loaf the only additive was a handful of onion seeds....

Naomi Liddell @ Rocked By Life said...

Eh... wow. I can't actually believe that. It's like "You can be skinny, but may also cause cancer". Seriously. WTF?

Sara Phillips said...

We have just made the tortillas and they were fab! I've got big muscles in my arms now from all the rolling!
Love Billy x