Friday, November 02, 2012

Concrete - So Versatile

concrete ghost tassels
I have long been a lover of concrete, evident in my collaboraton with Kathy Dalwood to create these concrete tassels for Ghost Furniture a couple of years ago.
cement fireplace
My fireplace (above) is made of concrete but now there seems to be a massive amount of designers who are working with this material.
concrete lace
 I love this vintage fabric that has been cast in concrete
concrete handbag
 and now you can even buy handbags made from concrete at Avanka. Whatever next?
concrete handbag

concrete handbag

concrete handbag


ezeefit Modular System said...

Beautiful...Thanks for sharing...

stencil helen said...

Hi Di,Did you ever see the concrete chesterfield sofa that I featured a couple of years back. I'd still like one. It would look good on your village green area. Did you ever get a tree chosen for that space?

Di Overton said...

Hi Helen I too would love a concrete sofa on the green. I did get an olive tree and it looks fab and even though all the neighbours said it would die it is going great guns, fingers crossed. I will let you have an eggcup full of my first pressed olive oil next year ;) xx