Wednesday, May 30, 2012

glycine tree
We have just had some of the most fabulous weather here but now it's over. I just love sunshine and summer colours. The residents of our little hamlet are getting together to plant some trees on the green outside my cottage. I just love the tree above, it's a Glycine tree whatever that is and have no idea where to find one.
summer interior
 Lovely summery interiors from the ever wonderful Ikea blog. Photographer Nina Broberg
union jack
and if I see another bloody union jack flag I may scream. Red, white and blue is just not summer to me. I am so sick of opening emails about the Jubilee - ENOUGH ALREADY!


Hilary said...

Glycine is the French name for Wisteria. The white one in the image looks amazing!

stencil helen said...

Ha Hilary got here before me. Indeed the tree is a wisteria. They look lovely as trees...however the blossom is so short lived. I must post a pic of mine, it was magnificant for a couple of days but is going over now.