Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Pimped My Blinds

BEFORE - Plain chocolate brown leather blinds. After living with them for about 6 years I got bored and turned them into this.
I Pimped My Blinds
AFTER - By stencilling a pale gold lace pattern onto them. At night they look transparent during the day they look like a lace pelmet.
I Pimped My Blinds
This seems to be a Helen Morris day as the lace stencil is from The Stencil Library as mentioned in the post below. You can buy a lace stencil here if you fancy a bit of pimping yourself.


Sara Phillips said...

ooooo pretty xx

stencil helen said...

Leather,lace and chocolate. Fabulous combination, the blind looks great.
Two mentions in one day..Ms Overton you are spoiling me but THANK YOU.

Lynne Rutter said...

fabulous! That looks amazing, I am always looking for a new layer to add ornament to... More is more!