Monday, March 19, 2012

Catwalk Furniture

vintage restored chairs from ghost furniture
I rarely throw clothes away as I believe I will one day find a use for them. Here is proof that it was well worth it. All these vintage French chairs we have just added to Ghost Furniture have been re-upholstered in discarded clothes or remnants. The Pink and Green Chair re-upholstered in fabric from skirt and a 1920s silk dress, the Yellow Leather Chair covered in remnants from a shoe maker, the Chocolate Suede Chair from an old suede wraparound skirt of mine and the Cocktail Dress Chair from a 1980s cocktail dress. See what I mean?
vintage restored chairs from ghost furniture


Dear Demoiselle said...

Definitely! I'm the same, I just made a shoe bag for my tango shoes using a skirt from The Salvation Army shop and one of my boyfriend's old jeans... I love the chocolate suede chair!

Michele said...

Dear Di~

Oh your work is so divine. I so enjoy looking at your work, reading your blog over and over.

Thanks for sharing ~