Monday, February 20, 2012

Confessions of a Design Snob

Up until recently I had no idea what an Ultrabook was or what it would do. To be honest I thought it was something that was just very slim, chic and stylish a bit like a supermodel.
intel inspired ultrabook
Then Intel asked me if I would like to try one. Being always up for a challenge I said 'yes please' and promptly had an Asus Zenbook delivered to me.
OK a packing box is a packing box and I duly opened it on it's arrival and pulled out the most stylish box ever containing
intel inspired ultrabook
the most stylish laptop ever, from now on I will refer to it not as a laptop but an Ultrabook. I was so impressed I took these photographs before I even activated it.
intel inspired ultrabook
The accessories are so cool, look at that carrying envelope and matching accessories case. How could you not be impressed? Even the instruction book makes you not want to put it back in the box.
intel inspired ultrabook
It is aluminium so no nasty finger marks all over it. I took my laptop off my desk and replaced it with my Ultrabook and instantly created more space not only that but it looked so elegant. It was like placing a piece of art it was so satisfying.
intel inspired ultrabook
I am a designer and I blog about great design so I need to be seen to practise what I preach and armed with my new Ultrabook I am set to impress.

So this was the designer in me approving of the look and feel of the gift bestowed upon me. Intel have added the magic inside so my next installment will be about my love affair with my Ultrabook and how it has changed my working life. Watch this space.


Avril said...

Reviews say the keyboard is tricky because of recessed keys, unresponsive trackpad and short battery life...have you noticed any of these failings? It looks so wonderful I want it to be perfect so I can buy one!

Di Overton said...

Hi Avril
The keys aren't recessed at all but when I first used them I seemed to skip a letter every now and again but after a few days using it that no longer happens. They are lozenge shaped so a little different to my previous laptop. The battery life is amazing as you can set it to different levels according to what you are doing so it uses less. There is a standdby clock on the desktop and mine is showing it has 5 days and 4 hours at the moment. It is so portable and the screen resolution is amazing. In other words I can't fault it. Hope this helps

Sara Phillips said...! Looks gorgeous.