Monday, January 23, 2012


Richards' Secretary Trunk restoration hardware
this fabulous fold up desk made from vintage pieces from Restoration Hardware.
Read how it came about:
After seemingly circling the globe, a canvas-clad steamer trunk landed at a famed European antiques market. It was battered and worn, but its careful construction and handsome detailing marked it as bespoke luggage, crafted in early 20th-cenury England for a traveler of discerning taste (a traveler whose name – according to the brass plate mounted above the latch – was Tom Richards). Plucked from potential obscurity, the trunk made its way to the workshop of Timothy Oulton, where it was painstakingly dismantled – every pin removed and measured, every hinge and brace scrutinized. And from that well-made, well-traveled trunk, a collection was born.


Victoria said...

How fantastic is that ....... and how fantastic would it be to have money galore to buy these wonderful things. x

Creativity Bunker! said...

This can be made from solid wood bookcases, drawers, bins and casters. ;)