Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Learning New Tricks From Old Dogs

Barbara Chandler
I include myself in this title but the person this post is written about is
Barbara Chandler
Barbara Chandler. Now here is one woman that has her finger on the pulse of the design world in fact it's literally stuck to it. She, like me is no Spring chicken but we both believe, I know this as I have had telephone conversations with her on the subject, that we can impart a plethora of information because we have been there, done that and both of us have the tshirt.
Barbara Chandler
God, we were both there when Biba first started.
Barbara Chandler
I get so annoyed when people my age think it's clever to not embrace new technology, the term Luddite
springs to mind. Things have changed, it's the new industrial revolution and if you don't keep up you will
be left behind. OK so everything isn't perfect and technologies such as automated answer machines and
not speaking to a human being is BAD but unless we are involved and informed we will never have the tools
to try and put it right. It's like arguing with a gag on.

Barbara Chandler moves with the times, she changes direction because she recognises her own capabilities
and basis all her moves on the fact that she is deep down a journalist and always will be and she knows
which path to follow instinctively.
Barbara Chandler
Take a look at the fabulous pieces that are being developed using her amazing pictures of London which she has been taking for many years.
Barbara Chandler
She has also had a book published, Love London, containing 180 photographs from the collection.
Barbara Chandler
Barbara did a fabulous interview over at PopArtRockGirl which is a must read especially for younger
designers who are looking for a direction in which to go. Barbara like myself has had knocks on the way but
we both got back up, dusted ourselves off and started all over again and what we both have in common is
that we are more than happy to share our lessons learned with others. One of the things that amazes me
about Barbara is how she makes every Tweet interesting even with the limited amount of characters
available, she has one up on me there. Is that the journalist in her?

As a footnote: we both agree that we also learn from the young!


Diane Marsland said...

Oh My!... How true... I also have the same T.Shirt...... and in the process of doing a Madonna, and re-inventing myself....... We oldies will not be ignored.... Rock on!

Helen Morris said...

You can't refer to Babs as an old dog!!!!
She has so much exciting stuff going on right now. I was made to sign up for Twitter yesterday. Not tweeted yet, no one to tweet to until I get it organised properly. Signed up to follow Ms Chandler though.