Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Take Some Sandwich Bags and a Wire Coat Hanger

xmas wreath made with Sandwich Bags and a Wire Coat Hanger
My daughter's sister-in-law, Rachel, posted this on Facebook the other day and it just blew me away. A fabulous Xmas Wreath made with just sandwich bags and a wire coat hanger. I asked how it was done and she kindly sent me the instructions:
"Di, the bags are sandwich bags, size 17cm x 20cm they cost anything from £1 for 500. I have no idea how many bags I used but must me roughly 200 to 300 max! I used the frosted bags, as in not clear/see through and it's a bit more effective. Yes it was a white wire coat hanger shaped into a rough circle and literally tie each individual bag on tight and push them on tightly. I have seen it done with strips of black bin bags for halloween or can use green garden bags too. Then you can decorate with baubles or bows, ribbons etc."
I'm off to the shop now for some opaque sandwich bags.


Len said...

I remember these wreaths being made with dry cleaning bags in the 1960's.

stencil helen said...

That's soooo pretty.