Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Alternative Christmas

I love a bit of tradition but sometimes I just want to do Christmas with a bit of a slant to it. So here are some ideas and little things I have done to make Christmas a bit alternative.
The Alternative Christmas
A leopard skin Christmas cake seems a good alternative to me. Courtesy of Eric Kayser in Paris.
LinkThe Alternative Christmas
I made a centrepiece of items I have collected this year for Ghost Furniture and not used as yet.
The Alternative Christmas
Why have a spruce when any tree will do the job. Found at Campagne Decoration
The Alternative Christmas
Hang your Fairy upside down and why not? Image via Pavlova and Fox at Etsy
The Alternative Christmas
Make use of those old cake tins. OK so I have shown these on a previous Christmas post but they still look amazing.
The Alternative Christmas
I bought all the girls in the family a quirky bag that rolled up brilliantly so I could make them into Christmas Crackers. Trimmed with those bits and pieces I never throw away.
The Alternative Christmas
Have the ultimate Christmas dinner - a Golden Goose. Edible gold spray from The Deli Garage
The Alternative Christmas
Make a wreath of nuts instead of throwing them in a bowl. Mind you no one would be allowed to eat them. Image via Pinterest
The Alternative Christmas
But you can't beat a good old traditional FESTIVE greeting. Have a ball each and everyone of you.


stencil helen said...

Love the tree at Campagne Decoration, Chips stopped me from hauling something similar into the house after the winds earlier this month. I think you may have liked my mirror ball and snowflake centrepiece though. Happy New Year to you all.xx

rochambeau said...

All of the photos wont loss up, but I do appreciate the idea of a leopard cake very much!

Happy new Year Di to you and your family!
2012!! Can you believe?