Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Icon Backboards at Ghost Furniture

Having discovered our paints are chalk and wipe friendly we came up with this idea. You can chalk over the silhouette and wipe it off with a wet or dry cloth as you can with the background. So then we had to find a novel way of using our discovery, the result is a range of Icon Blackboards each one featuring Icons of the 20th century each placed in a unique vintage frame.
More to come and yes there will be blokes. Available at Ghost Furniture
icon blackboards at ghost furniture
icon blackboards at ghost furniture
icon blackboards at ghost furniture
icon blackboards at ghost furniture


rochambeau said...

Hi Di,
I received your Ghost email and wanted to let you know how very much I adore your silhouettes!! I could recognize all except for Madonna and now I do see that it's her. Also, the pink lace applique and vine you added to the drawers!! Brilliant~

Hope ALL is well~
Thinking of you and Harvey.

Pinecone Camp said...

I love this idea! Looks brilliant.