Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Next Step On The Road For Georgia

My granddaughter Georgia has just written and recorded an EP and here is a video of one of her songs - The Lonely Rose. Please take a look and leave a comment for her.
She is off to London in October to attend The London College of Music, the next step on the road..............


Karena said...

What a lovely young lady Di!! She is very talented indeed!

Art by Karena

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stencil helen said...

If you find Georgia's song getting chopped into chunks, lower the picture resolution on the video clip, it's on the bottom bar then the song can be heard in one go.
I hope that she is very pleased with her recording. I am glad that she is showcasing her song writing skills. A talented young lady and as always, I wish her great success.

Anonymous said...

Lovely girl and voice!


rochambeau said...

Came back when I had time to listen to Georgia! And haw beautiful her voice is. What a great video. So soft and ethereal. She's great and I'm so happy for her and her family too!


paris parfait said...

Such an exciting time for Georgia! I know she's going places (and not just London). What a talent! xoxox

beauty comma said...

georgia, this is a lovely song, and you have a great voice. good luck at college - and do squeeze as much knowledge as possible out of the teachers!
all the best from a piano teacher =)