Thursday, May 19, 2011

Concrete and Blackboards

Concrete and Blackboards
I love concrete and I love blackboards both of which appear in my Ghost Furniture ranges. When the two are put together it seems like heaven to me. Images found at Living Agency
Concrete and Blackboards
Concrete and Blackboards


holly said...

I have been a big fan and avid follower of your blog - it has been a much appreciated source of inspiration throughout 2 art degrees!
You are not far from me (i'm based in North Yorkshire) and I wondered (hoped!) you might have a contact email address - I would love to send you an invite to my private view at the Treasurer's House, York.
Wishful thinking?

Anonymous said...

Blackboards are the saviors of the dis-organised who loose notes and shopping lists. I paint mine directly on the walls but as the walls are ropey there are areas too bumpy to write on.

a m o u r e t t e said...

Thanks for posting this! i absolutely love the concrete. i've been considering a concrete coffee table as of late and after seeing this post i am leaning closer.

Unknown said...

I love concrete too. We were looking at re-doing the kitchen floor in London with polished concrete but apparently we have dig at least 50 cm so we may end up laying floorbaords and paint them in white instead